Software Distribution

Enhance your software downloads from the very beginning and attract your users can help you provide high-throughput and reliable downloads worldwide

0 Gbps
Each server uplink
0 Tbps+
Network backbone network
Global PoP
Availability Service Level Agreement
Lightning speed download, every time
Turning the sloth into a rocket, compared with the traditional method, the software download speed can be increased by up to 10 times. Say goodbye to the slowdown of 5 replication edge storage locations, traditional CDNs have difficulty handling uncached content, and improves reliability, every time.
Reliability without compromise
Modern services cannot afford downtime, but we provide you with protection. runs a redundant network on each layer. Our real-time monitoring and automatic failover system are in place to ensure you stay online.
Never run out of capacity
The surge in traffic is a thing of the past. With 70 PoP global network and 70 Tbps+ network backbone, we provide almost unlimited scalability. No matter how many hits you get, we will help you keep jumping at maximum speed.

Speed backed by powerful functions

Improve the standard through powerful security, reporting and management functions
Token authentication
Completely control who can access your content and for how long, and only deliver your content to authorized users
Protection of Origin
Use Source Shield to protect your source from attacks and traffic surges, so you don’t have to worry about attacks anymore.
Records and statistics
A comprehensive understanding of how your content is consumed to gain valuable insights and analyze customer metrics