Frequently asked questions

  • Need a contract?

    No, our service is for you to use at any time and you can cancel it at any time.

  • Why FUNNULL?

    We are committed to providing the best CDN solutions. We reorganized and built the content delivery network architecture to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable service solutions. We have become a new generation of CDN technology enterprises that can absolutely replace Cloudflare.

  • What is a region?

    We call this the CDN instance area. Each zone has an independent configuration and cache. The types of areas available are the pull zone and the push zone.

  • What is the pull zone?

    This zone type extracts content from the source server and caches it on our edge server. This is the most common type of area and is the recommended option in most cases.

  • Has a minimum usage?

    Yes, the minimum usage is $4 per month.

  • Support payment method?

    We support bank transfer, bank transfer, Alipay transfer and virtual currency payment.

  • How do I charge if I exceed the amount of the package?

    Even if the amount of the selected package is exceeded, there is no need to worry, your website and products can still operate normally. Our business department will contact you to discuss a more appropriate package and determine the cost of additional use.

Any more questions?

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