Bring users to important places

SmartEdge™ routing engine uses real-time analysis based on your content and network metrics to ensure that your users are always at the best destination

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Your content, your route

SmartEdge monitors content and traffic patterns in every region of the world to provide real-time routing optimization. Traditional CDNs may hurt your performance due to poor caching, and SmartEdge will automatically adjust the routing style to get the best performance for each request, even in areas where your traffic may be low.
Provide excellent performance for every request
Traditionally, CDN will route your users to the nearest possible path. What they don't tell you is that the closest path may not always be the fastest. We process 8 different metrics in real time to determine where and how to route users. SmartEdge ensures that every request ends up where it is needed to always provide excellent performance.
Built-in real-time monitoring
The network may fail, but your content will not. SmartEdge uses real-time monitoring and event detection built into the routing engine. If any network issues are detected in less than 10 seconds, we will immediately start routing users out of the affected destinations to ensure that you are always online.
One routing system solves One problem
Traditionally, CDN will only use a system that is not always the best to route users. SmartEdge combines preset global configurations with automatic performance indicators to intelligently choose between anycast, GeoDNS, and delay-based routing for each region to maximize performance and routing quality.