Submerged in raw traffic?

Perma-Cache allows you to permanently store a copy of your files on our edge storage to obtain a 100% cache hit rate. There is no need for high S3 traffic fees, only excellent performance

Request uncached files from CDN
Perma Cache
Transfer files from our edge storage
Never hit your origin
Improve uncached performance
Due to FUNNULL Edge Storage's global footprint, Perma-Cache allows you to significantly speed up uncached requests. With 5 replication areas, even if the content is not cached on the CDN, it can be stored only one hop away from the end user. This allows you to provide unparalleled performance for every request, no matter how often it is accessed.
Never hit your origin
Perma-Cache interconnects FUNNULL CDN to FUNNULL Edge Storage system. After the first request is made to the CDN, the file is automatically transferred from your source to the edge storage in the background. The next time a CDN request is issued, Funnull CDN will directly find files from edge storage, and your source will never be attacked again, thus reducing your load and greatly reducing your transmission costs.
Optimize once, Save forever
Combine Perma-Cache with FUNNULL Optimizer for an unparalleled dynamic image conversion experience. Permanent storage of optimized files means that there will be no more delays or increased delays caused by dynamic image processing. This can greatly reduce TTFB time and improve your user experience.
Fully variable cache support
The same URL does not always contain the same file. Perma-Cache is fully integrated with FUNNULL CDN to provide complete Vary support, allowing you to cache different responses based on query strings, browser support, or other configurations. Any content you can provide, we can cache it.
Improve reliability
The data center may fail, but your content does not have to be. Edge-Storage has multiple copies of data all over the world, ensuring that your content stays online, even if a single region is offline. We monitor each area in real time and automatically reroute traffic when a problem is detected.