Give website users a
quick、smooth browsing experience
High security against CDN, WAF, CC, DDoS protection and SSL protects website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats
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  • Optimization

    Using multiple CDN is as simple as using one to improve the loading speed and reliability of users around the world
  • Acceleration

    Let artificial intelligence automatically improve the performance of your website for you, let users experience well in the browsing process, and seize more business opportunities for men
  • Protection

    Effectively manage and protect your website from fierce hackers and unwanted programs at 100% performance speed

FUNNULL CDN function

The optimization of CDN and the cooperation of security services can greatly reduce the delay of websites, mobile APPs and clients, and prevent high-defense nodes from simultaneously preventing DDoS/CC attacks, malicious robots and hackers.
CDN content distribution
Funnul's CDN has five data centers on three continents. Among them, we have a three-line high-defense server room that can cache static content on your website, automatically point users to the fastest nodes and optimize their access.
SEO optimization
High anti-cdn optimization protection can make your website access quality, usability, and greatly improved, and we have a line of search engine optimization to make your website SEO faster
WEB application firewall
Provide accurate website fingerprint identification technology and efficient processing engine, combined with real-time updated high-defense defense strategy, cover OWASP mainstream attack types, protect your website from hackers
Access optimization
FUNNULL CDN includes a set of web optimization functions that can compress your web pages by more than 50%, optimize including the latest web standards, and combine our high anti-CDN to greatly optimize user access speed.

FUNNULL CDN characteristic

  • Anycast
    Deliver all of your content from a single IP address worldwide with low latency。
  • Error operation
    Delete cached content in minutes。
  • HTTP/2
    A collection of Stackdriver Logging that gives you detailed information about each cache hit and miss。
  • Logging
    A collection of Stackdriver Logging that gives you detailed information about each cache hit and miss。
    Provide your own SSL/TLS certificate to secure your content with the domain name of your choice
  • Content source
    Distribute content from Compute Engine virtual machines and Cloud Storage storage partitions. You can even mix and match multiple content sources into one domain. External source servers are not supported.


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