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We believe that great people will make great products

If you agree with our vision, love innovation and think that you are a great fit for our team, please check out the vacant positions below

Small team, big dream!
We are a small and enthusiastic team with a great mission. We like challenges and learn to solve difficult problems with simple solutions. We come from all over the world, bringing new perspectives and creativity to build a real Of global products.
We work at the edge!
funnull.com is proud to be a completely remote company. We give you complete control over the choice of working location, time and method. We encourage communication, collaboration and independence to ensure that the work is completed quickly and efficiently.
We are real team players
We believe that a strong team with a strong relationship is the key to building a great product. We work remotely, but this does not stop us from going out to play. From time to time we travel together, meet and have a good time together. After the weekly meeting, we also like to play games together, have fun and build stronger connections.
We are a little crazy, but this is good
Building a fashionable brand requires a fashionable team. We absolutely love what we do and we do it with enthusiasm. Although we work hard, our working environment is very relaxed. We like to joke, have fun and build a great product because of this!

Our recruitment process

We like to do things in different ways, including our recruitment process
You took a short quiz to assess your skills and knowledge for the position
Test + Interview
We invite the best candidates to participate in the home test to better understand your experience and expectations
Get to know the team
We will ask you some final questions and chat with our team to see if we are suitable
If we are together it is time to start studying amazing new things

Explore our open positions

If you are interested in a position and think you are suitable, please take a short quiz and we will contact you within 1-2 weeks
Front-end development engineer
Python back-end development engineer
CDN Operation and Maintenance Engineer
CDN Technical Product Manager
UI/UX designer
CDN Commercial Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an office?
We do this, but we operate completely remotely and are currently looking for strictly remote positions.
Do you accept part-time positions?
Unfortunately, not currently available. We are currently only looking for full-time team members.
How long does it take to get feedback on the application?
The initial test score is based on your answer to the quiz. If your score is higher than the set threshold for the position, we will review your answer and contact you within 1-2 weeks.
How many exams can I take for a position?
Each position can only be applied for once. It is not possible to retake the exam, but you are welcome to take the new exam when you have a new position.