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Global distributed visitors
The rapid growth of the Web today has made web users more dispersed across the globe, and content must be spread over greater distances. We are equipped with a global acceleration node, which makes it easier for the content of the source station to reach the user's location, and makes the network information transfer faster and more convenient.
Content splitting optimization
Heavy page content and a long distance from the origin cause slow user access to the page. By optimizing the cache solution and processing static and dynamic content separately, we improve the user access fluency, improve the site customer conversion rate, and save more costs for the operation and development of merchants.
Adjust policies in multiple scenarios
Set different acceleration strategy schemes according to different types of websites, and adjust configuration intelligently so that customers of different operators and different regions can browse and visit unimpeded while downloading and using merchant client quickly. 7*24 hour technical monitoring, easily improve your performance and efficiency.

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